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  1. Cole Starkman
    Cole Starkman / 3-26-2014 / ·

    Dear Laurelhurst blog,

    I am a public relations representative for Garfield High School’s drama program. This spring we will be presenting Legally Blonde the Musical. We are very interested in collaborating on stories or other promotional opportunities with the Laurelhurst blog, and our production members include Laurelhurst area residents.

    Would you be willing to assist us with our endeavors, and could you direct us to information about submission details and deadlines?

    Thank you,
    Cole Starkman

  2. Anna Sczaniecka
    Anna Sczaniecka / 6-14-2014 / ·

    My name is Anna Sczaniecka and I am teaching a 10-week SAT course at the Talaris Center in Laurelhurst this summer. The students I have worked with over the years have seen their scores increase 50-150 points per section, but it has been a real challenge making people aware of this opportunity. I am emailing you because I was hoping that you could mention the SAT class on your blog.

    For over the last twelve years, I’ve been helping students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams and editing their college application essays. The students I’ve assisted have gained acceptance into Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Notre Dame and other top notch schools of their choosing. I’ve worked with students of all levels, including students with disabilities such as dyslexia and ADD as well as students aiming for a perfect score.

    The class will meet on Sundays from 4pm-7pm July 20th-September 28th (which means students will be ready in time for the October SAT).

    The official website for the class is

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

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