Seattle Children’s Hospital Receives Gifts to the Tune of $65 Million

The Laurelhurst-located Seattle Children’s Hospital can invest even more in its research, infrastructure, and staff training. Yesterday, it received two large donations, one $15 million gift and one $50 million gift. The $65 million gifts will help continue Seattle Children’s Hospital’s mission of caring for children and finding breakthroughs in cures and treatment.

In honor of her husband, Jean Reid donated $15 million to the Children’s Bellevue Urgent Care Clinic, the advanced training of nurses, and the Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center. To honor this fantastic gift, the Clinic and Surgery Center will be renamed “Robert and Jean Reid Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center.” This isn’t the first time Jean Reid and her husband have donated to support health. Mrs. Reid and her late husband have donated to the University of Washington School of Nursing and its scholarship program.

The $50 million gift was an anonymous gift from an estate, according to the news release. It is the largest single gift ever received by the hospital  and will go towards benefiting pediatric research at its research institute.

Gifts like this keep Seattle Children’s Hospital competitive in pediatric research. It helps ensure that the best and brightest are working in our neighborhood of Laurelhurst. The support of Seattle Children’s is extraordinary and I hope it continues, so our local hospital can stay at the front of pediatric research.