The Black Keys is a Perfect Choice for the University Village Microsoft Store Grand Opening

As posted earlier, The Black Keys will be playing at the official grand opening of the University Village Microsoft Store.  The talented duo will perform on October 21st, time not yet officially announced. But, some fans are shocked. Are the Black Keys “selling out” by performing at the Microsoft Store grand opening? My opinion is not at all.

First, why did Microsoft choose The Black Keys for the University Village grand opening? It’s simple – location, location, location. When Microsoft opened its Microsoft store in Bellevue Square, Miley Cyrus performed, a perfect choice considering Bellevue’s upper middle class suburban demographic. Looking at University Village, who lives in the University District and Laurelhurst neighborhoods? University of Washington students. College students like The Black Keys, so it’s a perfect choice. Nice job, Microsoft.

Nice job to The Black Keys too. Playing at the University Village Microsoft Store grand opening allows the duo to play for their fans in a fun, different location. Additionally, to some hipsters, playing arenas defines a band as selling out. The Black Keys are certainly doing that during their Europe tour. A band’s goal is to reach out to its fans and playing at University Village gives The Black Keys great exposure to its core demographic. It’d be a different story if The Black Keys were performing in Bellevue.

Over the next two to three years, Microsoft will be opening up 75 retail stores globally. It is slowly but surely catching up to Apple’s 300 retail stores. As it opens up more retails stores, it’ll be interesting to see which performers Microsoft chooses for its retail store grand openings.