Trick Or Treating in Seatte: We’re #4!

Seattle, you’re not working hard enough when it comes to Halloween. According to a recent Zillow report, Seattle is the fourth best city in the nation to go trick-or-treating. While yes, that is still a great score, we were #1 last year for trick-or-treating. San Francisco, Boston, and Honolulu edged us out. Seattle, I am disappointed in your Halloween spirit.

Here’s the methodology that Zillow used to calculate the best place to trick or treat. It looked at home values (higher home values equals King-size candy bars), population density, walk score, and crime data. However, I think that Zillow should also look at the weather. If I were a kid, I certainly wouldn’t want to trick-or-treat in Boston. New England is cold. Brrr!

Despite only ranking in the top four cities, Seattle still has many Halloween events for trick-or-treaters. Here’s a list of spooky events happening in the Magnolia neighborhood. Looking more local, Laurelhurst ghouls and goblins can venture over to the U.Village from 4pm-6pm on Halloween and trick-or-treat at the local stores. Here’s more details. Either way, we will still make our own Halloween fun, despite what the rankings say. Where do you plan to take your fellow ghoul or goblin trick-or-treating?