Wells Fargo Banks Are Being Targeted For Vandalism

A Wells Fargo Bank in Laurelhurst was vandalized at the beginning of the week and is still open for business, with one very large boarded up window, showcasing the remains from the vandalism caused.

Photo Courtesy of the Seattle Times

According to the Seattle Times, the branch was one of two that was vandalized in the neighborhood this week, and the vandals managed to knock out a total of 12 windows on their nightly expedition. The bank, located on Sandpoint Way NE was damaged at approximately 1:30am. Another Wells Fargo bank was also vandalized the same night around 3:00am in the Madison park neighborhood, located on East Madison Street. No arrests have been made in this case, but if you have any information regarding the suspects, (who have allegedly left anarchist graffiti on at least one of the sites) you are encouraged to call 911.