Wild Mushroom Festival at Magnuson Park this Weekend

The Puget Sound is densely chalked full of some of the most interesting species of mushrooms from the Olympic Peninsula to Mt Rainier National Park. This year the  Puget Sound Mycological Society is hosting the Wild Mushroom Show at Magnuson Park, which will be one of the largest exhibits of mushrooms in the United States.

The festival will showcase over 200 species of wild mushrooms, and classified as edible or poisonous, and all visitors are welcome and even encouraged to bring in a variety of mushrooms from their garden or nature walks for the experts to diagnose. The exhibit will feature a feel and smell display,  an educational slide show, and a tasting of a mushroom dish prepared by some of Seattle’s top notch chefs. The festival will be held this weekend on Saturday October 13th from 12:00-7:00pm, and Sunday October 14th 10:00am-5:00pm at the Mountaineers Club within Magnuson Park. There is a $10 admission fee for Adults, and $5 for seniors and students, (admission is free for children 12 and under).